From our popular classic twists to our delightful crispy sticks, Savor Street pretzels emerge from our ovens baked and seasoned to perfection.

The Art of the Pretzel

We bake our pretzels using Savor Street’s time-tested recipes and our traditional brick ovens for a consistently unique, crispy bite. Our innovative bakers, masters of salt, seasoning and crunch, cook up a variety of shapes and delicious flavors.



Savor the Flavors

Ask us about seasoning pretzels, as part of the dough or topically applied. Our team will work with you to develop your ideal pretzel snack—the possibilities are endless.


Gluten-Free Snacks

With Savor Street’s gluten-free baking line, our experts have developed new gluten-free recipes that more than live up to our reputation for crisp, delicious snacks. We can also collaborate with you to custom-make gluten-free recipes with the specific ingredients and flavors you desire for your brand and target audience.  Certified Organic Gluten-Free snacks are new additions to Savor Street’s capabilities.



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