Savor Street’s hot air popping method not only produces the fluffiest, lightest and tastiest popcorn, it also makes it a healthier way to indulge in one of America’s favorite snacks—in keeping with today’s trends.

Air-popped Perfection

Savor Street solely utilizes a hot air popping process to create our delicious popcorn, famous for its delicate bite. Air popping offers a healthier, more pure way to make popcorn and is the only method that gives the consumer a true—and truly tasty—oil-free product if they seek a low calorie popcorn snack. Or in contrast, we can also create a richly flavored, buttery, cheesy or seasoned popcorn snack.

Seasoned for Post-popped Pizzazz

Our air-popped popcorn tastes delectably delicious on its own, but it also offers a perfect canvas for added flavor. We envelop the freshly popped corn with a delicate blend of oil and seasonings like cheese, jalapeno, garlic, savory herbs or sweet spices like cinnamon. Whether you want salty, buttery, hot, sweet or spicy, our seasoned hand with seasoning can create the popcorn flavor profile your customers crave.


Gluten-Free Popcorn

We partner with clients to create gluten-free seasoning recipes to rival the most delicious and popular flavored popcorn.  In addition to being Gluten-Free, Savor Street has Certified Organic Popcorn options as well.



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