For those who crave the light, airy crunch and melt-in-your-mouth taste of a cheese curl, puff or twist, Savor Street has perfected the extruded snack from recipe to final flavoring.

Exceptional Extrusion

Savor Street makes finely crafted extruded snacks, offering a variety of ingredient blends, shapes and topical seasonings. We collaborate with clients on recipes that can also include a wide array of ingredients for unique flavor or nutritional attributes. Once the snacks emerge from the extrusion cooking process, we can coat each piece with savory or sweet deliciousness.

Taste the Flavor Difference

The distinctive flavoring of our extruded snacks begins when we blend our recipe. Each ingredient or ingredient combination, like corn, rice, multi-grain, potatoes and others, offers unique nutritional or flavor attributes in the base product. Once the snacks emerge from the extrusion cooking process, we can also flavor them topically with a coating of oil mixed with seasonings including cheese, jalapeno and other spices, all added with our delicate artisan touch.  With our recent transition to Certified Organic items, Savor Street is a leader in manufacturing better for you snacks.


Gluten-Free Extrusion

Gluten-free recipe development for extruded snacks is two-fold. First, the basic ingredients that go into the recipe before the shaping and heating process must be gluten-free. Next, the seasoning and flavors added afterwards to the base product must pass the gluten-free test. Our team can bring exceptional gluten-free extrusion recipes to the table or collaborate with you to custom-make recipes with the specific ingredients and flavors you desire.  In addition to being Certified Gluten Free, Savor Street has recently been certified to produce Organic Corn Snacks.

Certified Gluten Free

Extruded Snacks

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