At Savor Street, we may be the ultimate snack bakers—but we are not just about baking. Our artisan approach means we must be experts in every phase of creating a snack, from idea to ingredients, recipe to cooking method, from developing the perfect package all the way through distribution and marketing. Actually, we’re the ultimate co-packers—your partner and collaborator in snack creation from A to Z.


Regardless of the size of the batch, our artisan approach enables us to use a wide range of ingredients. In turn, we can create a breadth of diverse recipes from traditional and nontraditional snack ingredients. Savor Street’s flexibility and innovation in developing recipes and unique flavor profiles allows us to integrate a variety of grains, proteins, spices and topical seasonings into our baking program. We can also source any ingredient that can be baked or extruded, all depending on the needs of our client brands.




Oven Baking

Savor Street uses traditional brick ovens and state-of-the-art, fully-automated equipment. This dual capacity allows us to execute a variety of baking methods to produce a wider range of products and taste profiles. So we can make unique products and bake traditional snacks to perfection. Simply put, we are baking experts and we do it exceptionally. You can taste the difference.


Customizing and R&D

Savor Street’s depth of experience in the industry includes exceptional talent on board in both food science and baking. Our team continues to respond to client requests for innovative snacks and create successes with classic and customized recipes, developing new flavor profiles, ingredient combinations, and good-for-you products to meet changing lifestyle and health demands.  We recently have undergone certification to produce Certified Organic Pretzels, Cheese Curls and Popcorn.

Savor Street specializes in incubating new brands and collaborating with retailers on their private labels. Our ability to customize products goes beyond the recipe phase to encompass invaluable regulatory knowledge, go-to-market expertise in packaging, distribution channels and brand management, so we can assist each client through the entire manufacturing and launch process, from start to finish.



Beginning with our collaboration on your recipes, we work with you to develop the best packaging for your needs. Every snack benefits from the most appropriate kind of packaging, not only to preserve freshness, crispness and protection from breakage, but also to make it the most enticing to the consumer. Savor Street offers an extensive range of packaging capabilities, from bag to box. We can also recommend appropriate packaging options to match your product goals and positioning.



Quality Control

At Savor Street, we’re rigorously committed to excellence throughout every phase of our production process. We perform regular lab testing, stringent product quality testing, and use best industry practices in all our methodology from the moment we source ingredients to the time we ship to you. Our SQF-certification (Safe Quality Food Institute) insures we meet the highest standards in food manufacturing as recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Our own internal testing protocols and constant monitoring reinforce Savor Street’s high bar for exceptional quality and superior production. Third party gluten-free certification validates our system to control ingredients, quality and safety in our gluten-free products, and all of our categories are produced in a peanut and tree-nut free environment.



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